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Expert Cutter

Expert have released a 3.5mm thick cutter to the market. This minimalistic cutter is designed specifically for tough shearing Merinos. It’s fine tips enter extremely well, the tougher they get the more you notice the difference.

The first significant change to the shearer’s pendulum since blade shearing

Patented Design

This new, innovative patented design is the result of many hours of research, design and development.  We have tested and trialled many differing designs and construction methods prior to releasing the pendulum into the sheep shearing and animal health fraternity.

It’s time for a change and we are very proud of what we have achieved, knowing it will make a tough job easier.

This all new, Expert sheep shearing equipment pendulum, will give you a repetitive mirror image of the shape of the shearers disc and completely removes the variable shape of the name side of the comb or cutter from the grinding result.

No more grinding the backs of cutters to achieve the ultimate performance.

With this new revolutionary pendulum, the shape of the name side of the comb or cutter will now make no difference to your cut.

Your grinding pressure between the pendulum and grinder or trying to work out how much pressure to use, is also no longer an issue, as the cutter or comb will always take the shape of the shearer’s disc, no matter what pressure you use. This pendulum is easy to use.

There is minimal heat transfer from the comb or cutter to the pendulum block when grinding, due to the protruding pushers, allowing you to grind large amounts of tools with the pendulum staying cool.

You can expect a repetitive, longer cut life from all your tools with a quicker grind up time, which in turn gives you longer life for your tools.

We have found many strings of cutters hanging around grinding rooms that simply “don’t go”.  If the cutters fit the shearing handpiece drive pins and are not touching on the chicken feet safety pins, in every case we have found the cutters now cut and not just cut, they cut very well.

We are proud to introduce the shearing industry to the next generation of pendulums.

We are proud to introduce the shearing industry to the next generation of pendulums.

Yes. Achieving the absolute optimum cut just changed.

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