Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look after my pendulum?
A) Never oil or lubricate your pendulum. The lubricant will attract the grinding dust and quickly turn it into a grinding paste wearing away your parts.
B) Wipe the magnets each day before starting to grind. A quick wipe will remove the grinding dust from the magnets. A build up of grinding dust can change the contact / pressure point between the pendulum and comb or cutter and your tools may start to grind to the tips.
C) Never blow the pushers with compressed air. High pressure will blow the grinding dust inside the block and increase wear on the internal parts.
Can I buy spare parts for my Expert Pendulum?
Yes a complete range of spare parts are available from your point of purchase. You can check out the parts numbers etc. here in the website.
How hard is it to repair the pushers / magnets if they hit the grinder?
If you’re slightly mechanically minded, not hard at all. Remove the head from the shaft, you may need some heat as it has Loctite on the bolt, then you can disassemble the handle from the block and see the rocker. Push the pin out of the rocker and your pushers / magnets can be replaced. Reverse the story for assembly.

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