It's All About The Tools

Wondering where the name “Expert” comes from?

It comes from “back in the day” when there was an “EXPERT” in the shearing team.

The Expert used to do everything that was mechanical, from grinding the combs and cutters for every shearer, to fixing the cook’s oven.

In the shearing teams the Expert was the back bone of the team.

If he was useless nobody got a cut, the sheep kicked like hell for the shed, hand pieces ran hot and in general work was hard.

If the Expert was good however, the opposite happened; sheep would sit, more sheep were shorn, hand pieces ran cool, combs flowed, and every cutter cut. There was laughter and banter, and the days went quick.


So an Expert is all about the tools and we thought it was a great fit for us and where we fit in the industry as we are all about the tools to shear the sheep.

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